Sunday, October 3, 2010



The Lodgings: Amrutha Castle Hotel. Huge and distinct, yet no rickshaw drivers knew where/what it was.

Driver: “Where you want to go?”
Us: “Amrutha Castle Hotel.”
Driver: “What?”
Us: “AM-RUTH-A CASTLE HOTEL. It's a hotel. It's a castle.”
Driver: “Oh, cancer hospital?”
Us: "Not exactly."

On one of the nights, after a long day of lots of walking and getting sunburned, we decided to order in room service and watch “You've Got Mail.” It was a good choice.

The only disappointment was the green, unswimmable pool.

The Food: McDonalds x 4

The McVeggie was delicious.

And so, somewhat surprisingly, was the paneer salsa wrap.

Yes, I'm a naughty vegan. It was worth it.

The Shopping: Charminar Market, AKA Crazytown

City Center Mall, AKA Almost America

The People: I took a break from Indians taking pictures of me and asked to take a picture of this guy. He had blue eyes!

The Sights: Golkonda Fort. Huge. More than Huge. This map is greatly deceptive.

See me in this picture? This is at the beginning/bottom. See the little spires in the very top of the picture? That's not even the top.

My favorite room was the Clapping Portico. Definitely need one of those in my future home. It's just what it sounds like: a room to clap in. Clap over here, here a vibration. Clap over there, no vibration. Magic.

Some clappers.

Then up the bazillion stairs we went. Getting there.

Almost there.

The view from the top, the Summer Home.

Good thing they sold water with 300% more oxygen to rejuvenate us after such a hike.

Qutub Shahi Tombs. Not so subtle graves. (I'm sitting on the steps)

They had the most useful and informative signs.

Hussain Sagar Lake and the Buddha Statue.

A big man-made lake where we took a speedboat ride around the statue. (Heidi, Ally, and our crazy driver)

A lovely mural.

Also, we saw this goat one time. Look at those ears.

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