Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Photoshoot

The owner and editor of Yo, Vizag! Magazine, Shilpa, lives 3 doors down from us, and decided she wanted us as her next cover story (you know, cause we're white). Saris: Round 2.

We were driven to this lovely hill by the beach.

I love the succession of slides next to the stairs (they're the little stairs to the left of the normal stairs).

I would've gone down them, but I didn't think it would be very ladylike in my sari, and we already attracted enough attention as it was.

Shilpa telling us something (something horrifying, by the look on Heidi's face):

Outtake, for the purpose of my niece still being able to recognize me:

And, delivered to us yesterday, the final product:

We hoped it would just be Kelly on the cover, because Mourya took some solo pics of her...but the C.C. Carnahan photo is pretty good. The article is pretty funny—misquotes and mistaken identities abound. Kelly and Megan were recognized in a store today, and now that all the Yo, Vizag! readers know where we live...hopefully it won't be a problem.

And now, we have a new friend! Shilpa came over one day to make us pani puri (street food that we can't buy on the street or we might get sick):

and we're going to start Bollywood dance lessons (“a stress buster,” says Shilpa) with her soon!

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